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CE4 Blister Kit


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Product Description

The Smoke World CE4 Blister Kit is most basic kit for someone new to the world of vaping. It contains the bare minimum accessories to get any one started. The CE4 is the most basic wick clearomizer in the market. One of the good things about these clearomizers is that they cost less – an ideal choice for those new to the vaping world and would like to start from the basics.  On the other hand, a bad thing about these clearomizers is that once they go bad, they have to be replaced all together. The CE4 clearomizer is filled from the top and can hold up to 1.6 ml of the e-liquid. Along with the CE4 clearomizer, an EGO battery is included.

What comes in the Smoke World CE4 kit:

  • 1 X 3.2 V EGO batteries
  • 1 X CE4 clearomizer
  • 1 X USB charger

The various color options for the batteries are:
Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, and Yellow.
The various color options for the clearomizers are:
Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Purple, Red, and Yellow.