We are happy to inform you that we got a whole new shipment of  accessories for concentrates (dabbing) which includes some very new products in the market. The CERAMIC  NAILS.  As of right now, the only options for vaporizing concentrates is glass, quartz, or titanium.  While glass or quartz might taste better, they don’t hold heat as well as titanium. But titanium don’t taste as good as glass and quartz. And here we come with a solution, the all new CERAMIC NAILS.

ceramic nails

These new ceramic nails though, are 100% all-natural, food & medical grade, non corrosive, no porous, delivers no taste and smell, and cleans like new EVERY TIME. Apart from these we also got bunch of new products which makes dabbing a lot more convenient.

concentrate products

We have also got stainless steel high quality dab tools , Oil slick dabbing concentrate large ball containers, Clear glass concentrate adapters, bowls and nails, Oil slick concentrate pads, Glass dabbers  and many more..

concentrate products1


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