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Carry Case


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Product Description

Carry Case is a perfect way to carry all your vaping supplies like batteries, E-Liquids, USB chargers and drippers. The Carry Case is specially designed to hold two batteries, one USB charger, one wall plug charger and two clearomizers. They come with sizes of elastic netted pouches to fit different sizes of batteries, atomizers and cartomizers.

Smoke worlds electronic cigarette Carry Case makes you look good with its stylish design and specially crafted to hold all your smoking accessories. Smoke worlds Carry Case has plenty of space, ensuring that you have fully-charged batteries and cartridges whenever you need them. Choose from seven colors, to fit your personal style. Smoke world carries them at a price of just $2.99 and we always have them in stock. They are considerably lighter than many carriers yet tough and durable. Colors like White, Blue, Pink, Silver, Maroon, Sky blue are available.

Your satisfaction is Smokeworld’s top priority. If for any reason you are in need of help or support, please feel free to write to us in contact us and We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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