CE4 Blister Kit

CE4 Blister Kit


Are you looking for a e-cig kit at bare minimum ?? Then this kit is just for you..

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Product Description

The Smoke World CE4 Blister Kit comprises of an EGO battery, a CE4 clearomizer, and an EGO USB battery charger. The CE4 is filled from the top and hold up 1.6 ml of your favorite e-liquid. The standard resistance level is 2.2 Ohms. The EGO battery comes with a 900 MAH capacity and equivalent to about 800 puffs and a 1100 MAH capacity which is equivalent to 1000 puffs. 

The CE4 Blister Kit is one of the best ways to give electronic cigarettes a try. They also make a perfect gift for someone that you want to introduce to electronic cigarettes.

What comes in your Smoke World CE4 Blister Kit:

  • 1 3.2 V EGO battery
  • 1 CE4 clearomizers¬†
  • 1 USB charger

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