CE4 Double Kit
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CE4 Double Kit


Are you looking for a e-cig kit at bare minimum ?? Then this kit is just for you..

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Product Description

The Smoke World CE4 Kit features the CE4 clearomizer. The CE4 is the most basic wick clearomizer in the market. One of the good things about these clearomizers is that they cost less – an ideal choice for those new to the vaping world and would like to start from the basics.  On the other hand, a bad thing about these clearomizers is that once they go bad, they have to be replaced all together. The CE4 clearomizer is filled from the top and can hold up to 1.6 ml of e-liquid. They come with a 2.2 Ohm resistance. The kit also includes 2 EGO batteries of your own choice.The batteries that come with this kit are available in different colors, and all of them boast the very popular ‘rubberized’ coating. This non-slip coating not only looks great, but feels much more comfortable in your hand. It has the look and feel of a quality product.

What comes in the Smoke World CE4 double kit:

  • 2 3.2 V EGO batteries 
  • 2 CE4 clearomizers 
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 wall plug charger
  • 1 beautifully designed EGO pouch to hold all your accessories.
  • 1 dripper

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Clearomizer Color

Clear, Green (Emerald), Grey, Pink, Yellow