Vapir NO2

vapir NO2


The Vapir NO2 is a handheld, portable vaporizer. It comfortably fits in your hand, and I love it. This vape pleasantly surprised me by how easy it is to use, how fast it heats up, and the entire vaping experience. The NO2 gives control back to its customer by allowing them the peace of mind to know what temperature their vaporizer is heating up to at all times. This creates the perfect environment to produce the most fresh and flavorful vapor without any harmful smoke!

vapir NO2_1


The Vapir NO2 really is extremely easy to use. This vaporizer has a rechargeable battery and can also be used while plugged in with the wall charger. It’s good for beginners. It’s good for experts, and anywhere in between. It’s inexpensive too. It has Automatic Shut-Off Feature and Utilizes a Revolutionary Stainless Steel Encased Pure Brass Heating.

The kit comes with the following :

  • 1 NO2 Portable Vaporizer + Re-Chargeable Battery
  • 1 Power Supply
  • 1 X-Tip Mouthpiece
  • 1 Wire Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Matrix Tube Attachment
  • 2 Bamboo Cleaning Sticks
  • 1 Plant Material Scooping Cup
  • 4 Additional Mesh Screens

 Lowest price Available !!

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